Studio Vulkers

To the essence of a topic

Studio Vulkers is a design Studio based in Amsterdam and specialized in creating images.
We, Robert Vulkers & Judith Vulkers, create illustrations, icons, infographics and animations for various clients and purposes. For e.g. text writing and animation we like to work in a bigger team within our professional network.

With our simplistic and iconic style we get to the essence of a topic and transfer it into a clear image, which is able to communicate with a broad and diverse public.
Within an assignment we seek for simplicity and a strong concept with a spot of poetry.


studio Vulkers: free urban contemporary art


The free work of Judith and Robert Vulkers, together  ‘studio_Vulkers', is located between art and design. The duo uses a pictographic visual language and plays with the originally functional role of the icon. Known universal images are given a new meaning that points in a different direction than the direction we are used to. What exactly  the intention is remains in the middle. This tension characterizes their work; the familiar pictographic language that gives us something to hold on to, shows us the way, now directs us in the direction of an indefinable world.

Studio_Vulkers works according to the formal rules that apply to the icon: a simple style that remains recognizable at the smallest size. The use of colour is also functional to make the form and expression of the idea as strong as possible. However, maximum expression is aimed for in the choice of color and technique. We see that in their high quality silkscreens. The idea is given an extra dimension by using special inks and printing techniques such as 'glow in the dark', a recently developed RGB technique and neon ink. New in the work of studio_Vulkers is the conversion to animation. Here we also see that a simple application of movement and sound gives the idea maximum expressiveness.


The human figure

Studio_Vulkers wants to depict humans with all their challenges and characteristics in the most universal and recognizable form: the icon. The human figure in their work manifests the splits between the earthly problems on the one hand and his requirement for growth, development and dreams on the other hand.



An engine in the work of studio_Vulkers is the question: How do we feel - right now - about ourselves and the world we live in? We seem to be distant from each other, while an essential fact connects us: being human. Studio_Vulkers choses urgent and relevant themes, from environmental issues, our relationship with nature, our experience of the cosmos, to a more personal level: our vulnerability, fantasy, human inability and his search for the meaning of life.


To communicate

The approach to the universal themes varies from philosophical, confrontational to humourous. Studio_Vulkers likes to communicate. The public is invited to relate the image to itself and to identify with it.


Thinking together

If you do have a question regarding our work or possibilities you'd like to discuss with us please get in touch with us.

We do like to think bigger too, e.g. a pictographic image or unique world as a mural - a picto-wall! Interested in exploring the possibilities further with us? Just get in touch :-).




To be found in the future ;-) > are you a gallery & interested in our art work? Please get in touch!