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Studio Vulkers

To the essence of a topic

Our work is (picto-) graphic. The destination is various.
The human theme is central. Beauty and simplicity are our most important core values.
Our work finds its place as e.g. illustration or infographic in a (online) magazine, daily paper or book. Or as a pictogram in its most essential form: as element of a corporate identity, product specification or e.g. signage in a hospital. In the form of animations we create clear explanation or a creative ‘moving’ message. Our work can be hung on the wall - autonomous - or even become a mural.

Connecting is the focus on the general human theme, communication and the creation of recognition. That is where our fascination lies and from which perspective we shape our own ideas or the imaginative ideas that we develop together with others: journalists, scientists, communication experts, strategic thinkers.




To be found in the future ;-) > are you a gallery & interested in our art work? Please get in touch!

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