Studio Vulkers

To the essence of a topic

Studio Vulkers is a design Studio based in Amsterdam and specialized in creating images.
We, Robert Vulkers & Judith Vulkers, create illustrations, icons, infographics and animations for various clients and purposes. For e.g. text writing and animation we like to work in a bigger team within our professional network.

With our simplistic and iconic style we get to the essence of a topic and transfer it into a clear image, which is able to communicate with a broad and diverse public.
Within an assignment we seek for simplicity and a strong concept with a spot of poetry.


Vulkers Pictographic Art:
the free department

Next to our commissioned work we find inspiration and challenge in creating free art work under the name of Vulkers Pictographic Art. The result so far is a series of art screen prints, made in an exclusive edition of 25 pieces.
Our free work is on the perimeter of art and design.


In our art prints pictographic images get more or less remixed. Existing generic icons, from the well known toilet figure up to way finding symbols, are being stripped of their originate function and get a new sense.

In this way every image gets a new and individual meaning, often critical, sometimes playful and light.
The form is according the rules of the pictographic language: minimalistic, only the essence remains.

In the working-out we strive for a industrial perfection, with extra attention for technique and special inks. The special colours and effects, as e.g. ‘Glow in the dark’, glitter and fluorescent inks, amplify the themes and give each work an extra dimension.

Our free work is about themes that matter nowadays, like taking care of our environment and about humans in general, like e.g. the nature and behaviour of human and his incapacities. The universal pictographic language is an invitation to the viewer to see themselves in it.

Are you curious what these might be please visit our shop for an overview.


Thinking together

If you do have a question regarding our work or possibilities you'd like to discuss with us We do like to think bigger, e.g. a pictographic image or world on the wall - a picto wall! Interested in exploring the possibilities further with us? Just get in touch :-).




To be found in the future ;-) > are you a gallery & interested in our art work? Please get in touch!