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4K art animation > A turbulent journey  

9 stages of a turbulent journey (teaser: verkorte versie)

The art animation '9 stages of a turbulent journey towards divine acceleration'  is about the journey that matters: from getting an idea or inspiring hunch that leads - through highs and lows - to freedom and an exalted state of being.


To move forward, you have to say goodbye to the familiar. This process has to be gone through again and again in order to continue to develop and grow. This applies to many general human themes, whether large or small.


The theme speaks to a desire that each of us has. A deep desire to be oneself – or to become more. To organise your life based on your needs and according to your own vision.


This work is based on Joseph Campbell's famous book ‘The Hero's Journey’.

Campbell - literature scientist and writer - discovered that age-old sagas and legends from around the world contain universal laws when it comes to the hero's journey and the challenges he or she faces.

Size 2160 x 3840 px / 4K  |  Duration 7 minutes

If you see this film shown at a special location, festival or exhibition, please feel free to inquire about the possibilities and contact us.

Studio Vulkers on Instagram: @studio_vulkers


Free work by Studio Vulkers


The art animation was created in cooperation with > Cliffhanger

sound > Jacko Boomsma

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