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Terms & Conditions

1_Scope of application, definitions


1.1 The General Terms & Conditions of Vulkers ART (part of Vulkers VOF)

apply to all purchase orders placed in the Vulkers online shop (owned by Vulkers VOF).

All our activities within the online shop on, like offers, services and deliveries are based on these General Terms & Conditions and come about exclusively on these T&C.

1.2 Identity company

Business: Vulkers VOF (Vulkers Art is part of Vulkers VOF)

Dutch chamber of commerce No.: 34283454

VAT No: NL818491073B01


M: +31 (0)6 54956901

Owners: Robert en Judith Vulkers

Studio address: Willem Fenengastraat 2B, 1091 BN Amsterdam,The Netherlands

1.3 On the website in the online shop artworks are sold, which are made by Vulkers Art. When we talk in these T&C about ‘artwork', we mean an art print which is available for sale in our online shop.

1.4 'Buyer' within the meaning of these T&C is any buyer who concludes a contract as a natural person for purposes not predominantly attributable to his/her trade or self-employment.

1.5 'Business Owner' within the meaning of these T&C is any buyer who when concluding a contract acts in pursuit of his/her trade or self-employment.

1.6 Vulkers Art online shop is at this moment only selling within Europe. For interested buyers outside Europe please get in touch with us to deliberate your request and the possibilities by sending an e-mail to

2_Ordering process

2.1 The art prints can be ordered by going through the ordering process in the online shop on

2.2 For the ordering process the required personal details have to be filled in by the buyer.

2.3 In the order summary you will find an overview of the ordered pieces and the total amount of your order (incl. VAT, if applicable and exclusive delivery costs).

2.4 All details given need to be well checked and controlled on accuracy by the buyer.

2.5 During the ordering process you can chose from various ways of delivery (delivery costs and a reasonable share in packaging costs are for buyers costs).

2.6 The absolute acceptance of Vulkers General Terms & Conditions are mandatory for the actual ordering/buying in the online shop. The acceptance of the T&C is to be given by clicking on the respective check box during the ordering process.

2.7 By clicking on the button 'complete order' you give us your legally binding declaration of intensity to buy and receive the respective items.

2.8 After your ordering & payment process is completed you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail.

2.9 At a later time you will also receive the invoice of your order by e-mail.


3_The offer

3.1 We try our best to give a detailed and true description of our offer of artworks in the online shop with a good representation. This information contains: title, format, material + detailed description, edition and price of the certain artwork.

3.2 However, we can not be hold liable for any faults in the text and descriptions on our website and online shop.

3.3 We can give no guarantee for an accurate colour reproduction in our representation of the artworks in our online shop, as the colour reproduction differs per computer screen.

3.4 The art prints in our online offer are not framed. Frame work can be provided by special request and in the form which is represented in examples in our online shop. An offer and indication of production- and delivery time can be given after a request is submitted via e-mail to

3.5 Vulkers ensures that availability and stock are hold up to date in our online shop. However, it may happen that an art print is no longer available in the shop due to special circumstances. If this is the case we shall inform the buyer a.s.a.p.


4_Prices and payment

4.1 All the prices given in our online shop are incl. VAT (if applicable).

4.2 Shipping costs will be added and pointed out during the ordering process.

4.3 The payment can be fulfilled via PayPal, credit card or bank transfer.

If you pay by bank transfer, we ask you to always state your order number for reference.

4.4 The payment must be fulfilled no later than 7 working days after the order date.

4.5. After the payment is received we will dispatch the order a.s.a.p. (by the time of 3-5 working days, unless specifically mentioned otherwise during e.g. holiday periods).

4.6 During the payment process the order will be reserved for you. If the full payment is not received by us within the above time, the reservation will be canceled.


5_ Delivery

5.1 Vulkers will only ship to your private or otherwise specified delivery address; we do not ship to parcel collection points. 

5.2 Import of goods from other countries outside The Netherlands are possibly subject to import costs, which are for your own account. You shall be responsible for due payment of any custom levies and duties that are necessary.

5.3 During the ordering process you can choose from the various shipping options. The relevant delivery costs are at the expends of the buyer.

5.4 As Vulkers wants to ensure that the art print will reach you properly and safely, we provide safe and sturdy packaging. As this requires extra costs than average packaging, we do charge shipping costs.


6_Delivery time

6.1 With each artwork offered in the online shop the estimated delivery time is stated. This can be found on the product page under 'shipping info' or below the website under 'shipping & returns'.

6.2 After we have received the full payment your order will be offered for shipment within 3-5 working days. We do our utmost to meet the delivery time mentioned in our online shop, but are bound by the availability and cooperation of the relevant delivery service.

6.3 In the unlikely event that the estimated delivery time is delayed, you will be informed by us as soon as possible.

6.4 The delivery will take place during regular working hours as indicated by the relevant delivery service.


7_ Transport damage; duty to inspect

As a buyer or business customer (in accordance with point 1.4 / 1.5) your order has apparently been damaged during transit, you are expected to immediately file a complaint at the delivery service and notify us the soonest (no later than 48 hours after the delivery has been taken place at your delivery address).



8.1 In case you are not satisfied with the artwork you have the right to return it.

8.2 In case you wish to return the artwork please inform us as soon as possible, but no later than 14 calendar days after having received the artwork. You can announce the return by sending an e-mail to; please state your details and relevant order number, as well as the time when the order arrived.

8.3 Pre-notification of a return shipment is mandatory. A return can only be accepted by Vulkers if it has been announced in advance by e-mail and has been confirmed by us. We will then contact you a.s.a.p. with the confirmation of receipt of the return request and to provide the details, return address and method of return shipment.

8.4 Risk and costs of the return shipment are on the buyer.

8.5 The initial delivery costs and the purchase amount will be refunded within 14 days after receipt and approval of the return (via the same payment method as originally used).

8.6 IMPORTANT: The artwork must be properly and safely packed in the same way and in the same packaging in which it was delivered.

8.7 The artwork can only be returned in original NEW condition and without any kind of stains, tears, kinks, creases or any other type of damage.

8.8. Artworks which you have received flat/landscape should be returned flat/landscape. The artwork must not be folded or rolled up to be send in a tube to avoid damage.

8.9 The artwork must be received back at the return address the latest within 14 calendar days after the return notification.


9_Treatment of the artwork

9.1 We would like to request that you treat the artwork and original packaging with great care during the reflection period (14 days from receipt).

9.2 Please treat the artwork as you would in a gallery or shop.

9.3 Unpack the artwork very carefully (make sure you have clean hands) and try not to get fingerprints on it (especially on the front).

9.4 If you (temporarilly) place an artwork or framed artwork on the ground, do this carefully and put a clean blanket underneath so that it cannot be damaged or fall.

9.4 Please do not place the artwork in a place with daily sun light on it.

9.5 Please do not place the artwork in a place with large temperature changes, a good temperature is around 18 degrees.

9.6 Please do not place the artwork in a damp room or on a damp wall.

9.7 Never clean the artwork yourself with a cleansing agent or try to repair it. Consult us or another expert in the field.

9.8 Keep the artwork away from young children or animals to avoid accidental damage.



10.1 In case of shipping of the artwork to the buyer the risk (destruction, loss or damage of the artwork) lies with Vulkers.

10.2 Vulkers can never be hold liable for more than the original sales price of the artwork.

10.3 Once the buyer/business owner has received the artwork, the risk (of destruction, loss or damage of the artwork) is transferred to the buyer/business owner. This also applies to any return shipment should you wish to return the artwork.

10.4 The buyer can never be hold liable for more than the original sales price of the artwork.


11_Force Majeure

11.1 In the event of - what can reasonably be understood - as force majeure, as a result of which Vulkers is unable to fulfill its obligation towards the buyer, the obligation will be suspended during the period that the force majeure situation lasts.

11.2 In the case the force majeure situation has lasted 6 months, both parties have the right to dissolve the agreement, without entitlement to compensation for damage, costs or interest.

11.3 Force majeure includes in any case: war or comparable circumstances ,natural disaster, serious illness, failure of carriers, fire, explosion, bad weather, lightning strike, flood, boycott, strike, riot, occupation, blockade.



12.1 If you are a buyer (in accordance to point 1.4 of the T&C) the limitation period for warranty claims in the case of used items - deviating from the legal provisions - is one year from the date of purchase.

12.2 Vulkers guarantees that the artworks comply with the agreement, as well as the specifications stated in the offer, the reasonable requirements of reliability and/or usability and on the date of the conclusion of the agreement existing legal provisions and/or government regulations.

12.3 Any defects on the artwork or incorrectly delivered artworks serve to be reported by the buyer to Vulkers by sending an e-mail to within the latest 14 calendar days after receipt.

12.4 For buyers which are business owners (acc. to point 1.5 of these T&C) the following adjustment of the regulation:

_ You are obliged to check and control the artwork carefully on quality and order amount after receipt. In case you discover errors of defects, you must notify us no later than 7 days after the receipt date.

_ This also applies on hidden defects that are discovered later from the moment of discovery.

_ In disregard of the inspection obligation of the artwork(s) directly after receipt, no claim can be made on warranty or replacement.

_ In the case of defects we will repair or provide replacement in accordance to your preference. In the event of repair Vulkers will not take over any additional costs due to the buyer having moved the artwork to a location other than the original destination/delivery address.

_ If the repair of the artwork is not succesfully done and to the buyers satisfaction up to 2 times, the buyer can ask for a price reduction or cancel the purchase agreement, according to your preference.

12.5  The warranty does not apply if:

_ The buyer/business owner has repaired / modified / cleaned the artwork himself.

_ The artworks delivered have been exposed to abnormal conditions (such as too much sunlight, large temperature changes, water and such) or have been treated carelessly or contrary to the instructions of Vulkers with regard to the careful treatment of artworks (see also point 9 of these T&C)

_ The inadequacy is totally or partly the result of regulations that the government has made or will state with regard to the nature or quality of the applied materials.

12.6 If Vulkers considers the complaint to be right, the relevant artworks will be repaired, replaced or refunded, in consultation with the buyer. The maximum reimbursement is the sales price of the artwork.



Do you have a complaint about the artwork that you have bought from Vulkers? Please inform us by e-mail to We will work with you to see if a suitable solution is possible.


14_Retention of title

The artwork(s) shall remain our property until the purchase amount has been paid in full.


15_No Granting in rights of use

With the purchase of the artwork(s)  you only acquire in real ownership of this piece/the artwork. No other usage rights are granted. Any form of reproduction or duplication, distribution, rental, making available to the public or otherwise analogue or digital processing of the purchased artwork are not permitted, unless explicitly and in writing permitted by Vulkers. However the resale of the artwork is permitted.


16_Data protection

For the purpose of fulfilling and handling your purchase in our online shop, we process and use your personal data you've provided us. Your data will only be used for this purpose and will at all times be treated confidentially. Your data will also not passed on to third parties who do not participate in the processing of the order, payment and delivery.

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