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This image is a tribute to the creation of an idea or dream. Every bubble has a perfect shape and colour, without the marks that reminds of an industrial process or its origin. Or like a belly button. There is no such thing like a failed bubble. It’s free in itself. Nevertheless vulnerable.

The art print ‘Bubble Superblack’ stands out for its extraordinary combination of new printing techniques and special inks. It is a six colour screen print.
On a background of the deepest - almost velvety soft – black which is available on the market (the patented ‘Superblack 3.0 by Stuart Semple) is the head of the bust a bubble, which, thanks to special recently developed RGB printing inks, gets a magical iridescent impression. A simple and modest portrait,
rich in its associations and besides that an optical sensation. 

Technique > This art print is realized in a 7 print run silkscreen: black (double), superblack
(black 3.0 by Stuart Semple) + the NEW printing technique RGB print (red, green, blue + white); these RGB inks have an iridescent effect and give the bubble in a certain illumination angle a magical glow.

Size 56 x 68 cm / Paper Zerkall Litho, 270 grs. / Edition 25

Available in our shop.

Studio Vulkers on Instagram: @studio_vulkers


Free work by Studio Vulkers


The marvelous printing work is done in cooperation with > Krijger Vormgave Amsterdam

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