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Watch. Think. Tell. Choose. Do.

Design of a decoration for the information centre of the educational program of the House for Democracy and Rule of Law (now ProDemos). For the 5 classrooms we came up with a concept of 5 different topics as the main angle, which show the pupils the 5 essential steps of a democracy and their own role in it. The active words' watch.', 'think.', 'tell.' etc. invite the viewer to do so and to be conscious of their own important role in society and in a democracy.

We were also asked to think about the furniture in the classrooms plus the signage and rooting. To keep the theme rooms in style we came up with the idea of benches in a plain design. The bench also symbolizes that democracy is as a joined effort.


Commissioned by House for Democracy (now ProDemos)


Production furniture + signage system > Brandwacht & Meijer

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