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Exploding Head

In the art print ‘Exploding Head’ the well known symbol ‘danger explosive’ is fully integrated and transformed into a new meaning. The combination of the two well known icons creates this originate new image.

Pictured is the human desire for space and breakthrough into higher consciousness. The special glittering ink ‘Starry night’ used in the explosion, gives the flat icon a significant depth effect. The image reflects on an unique moment in time, in which you do not know what the outcome will be: finding the real higher consciousness, 'the next level' or experiencing the total collapse.

Technique The art print is realized in a 3 print runs silkscreen: yellow, black (double)
and the effect for the multi coloured glow in ‘Starry Night’.

Size 56 x 68 cm / Paper Zerkall Litho, 270 grs / Edition 25.

Available in our shop.

Studio Vulkers on Instagram: @studio_vulkers


Free work by Studio Vulkers


The marvelous printing work is done by > Krijger Vormgave Amsterdam

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